Our Border Collie Dogs had pups!
No, we are not dog breeders, this was not planned,
but we have 11 pups that need homes.
If you are looking for a puppy please make sure you understand what kind of a dog a border collie is and what it's needs are before considering one from our farm. We are only sending pups to homes that have lots of space, owners with time and energy (to give them the amount of attention and exercise they need) and who are loving responsible pet owners. Please take a moment to check out these links about border collies. If after reading these you are still interested in owning one of our pups, please contact us to schedule a visit. You can see pictures of our pups and get more info about them on our website www.naturallypurefarm.com
They were born on December 23, & will be ready to take home at 7-8 weeks old.